QuickAlerts is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that automates repetitive tasks on tradingview.com.

Quickalerts’ basic functionality includes the following:

  • order alerts on tradingview
  • enlarge indicator on alert edit dialog

QuickAlerts serves as the backbone for an automation system. Not everyone needs the same features, so QA has different packages called “addons”. Each addon can be purchased separetely and you probably don’t need all of them.

TradingView Alert Import/Export

  • Batch Import and Export for TradingView Alerts.
  • Allows Batch Alert editing in CSV file instead of one by one.
  • Will save you hours if you frequently update alerts.
  • Instantly export all alerts to CSV.
  • Easily view all alerts and settings to make sure they are correct.
  • Clean CSV format to remove clutter from identical data.
  • Sync graph indicators to match alerts when you select them from the alert list